Essay: Goals of HCI

Essay: Goals of HCI
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At the heart of the study of HCI, the goal is to improve the way humans and computers interact with each other, by making computers more receptive, appealing and usable to users. In specific terms, the study of HCI deals with methodologies and processes related to the design of the interfaces between humans and computers. That is when given a task and a class of users, HCI studies can be used to design the best possible interface while remaining within the given constraints, optimizing the interface for the desired property, such as, for ease of learning or for efficient use.  It also deals with methods used for implementing the designed interfaces through the use of software toolkits, libraries as well as efficient algorithms.

HCI study also includes techniques which are used for evaluation and comparison of different interfaces as well as developing new techniques for designing interfaces and interactions and development of models and theories used for describing and predicting interactions. One of the long-term goals of the HCI studies is also to minimize the divide between the human cognition model of what a user want to accomplish on computers and the understanding of the user’s task by the computer.  The Professional practitioners of the HCI studies mostly concern themselves with the practical application of the HCI design methodologies on real-world problems. The work they do often includes designing of graphical user interfaces (GUI) or web interfaces. On the other hand, the researchers in the field of HCI interest themselves in development of new design methodologies , bringing innovation in hardware devices and experimenting with them, exploration of new interaction paradigms, building prototypes of new software systems as well as development of new models and theories of interaction (Jacko & Stephanidis, 2003).

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