Essay: Does God exist

Essay: Does God exist
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The existence of God has always been discussed among philosophers. There are people who don’t believe this fact and oppose the existence of God. Religion, science, and philosophy have provided sufficient proofs of reality based on collaborative information and natural resources.

This paper is going to favor the fact that subsistence of God is valid along with the support of authentic resources and specifics.

Does God exist?

The existence of God is an argument that mostly takes place among people of diverse beliefs and mindsets. People transcending from atheism and agnostic belief tend to oppose this existence since they require an authentic source of explanation which does not rely on faith or vague history. They don’t believe in such a being that has created the complex and infinite universe.

Now, the first thing to abide by the fact of existence is faith. Faith is followed by belief.

Christianity, Jewish and Islam provide adequate testimony about the existence of God through the holy books like Holy Bible and The Quran. Chapters of these books state authentically that the existence of such a superior identity is present and will remain until the end of times. Christianity gives the definition of God as the father of Jesus since the birth of Holy Jesus came into reality without the presence of a father. Christianity states in various parts of the Bible about the existence of God and Jesus as his son. Islam supports the fact of the birth of Jesus but has a diverse belief since it has faith in the oneness of God and there aren’t precedents and descendants of God in this religion. It states that the being of God Almighty is totally solo. It doesn’t have an ancestor or a descendant. He is the Creator of all Universes and the Provider of all mankind.

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