Essay: The Golden Mean Theory

Essay: The Golden Mean Theory
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According to ethics, The Golden Mean theory should have been followed. Wigand was since obstructed in the fight majorly due to the illness of his child, he should have thought of a middle ground which could have done both the jobs, i.e. save his child’s life as well as the human kind. The extreme position of this situation wasn’t handled properly and the act of Wigand was more of a poignant one than a legal one. His innermost integrity made an emotional impact on his personality and mind leading him to such an extent. He should have thought of a reasonable idea which could tackle the situation.

Ethical Situation 3 – Utilitarianism

According to the theory of utilitarianism, people are themselves, responsible for judging what is right and wrong for them. Wigand single-handedly held the responsibility of revealing the truth to all the people, though it is the responsibility of all the people to develop awareness in every aspect of their lives. The theory also applies to judge governmental actions also, so in this case, the democratic departments permitting companies like B&W to sell harmful products can be discussed. It can be judged that government keep their cut in this business and remain silent until it is forcibly necessary to take action against the company.

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