Essay: Great builds facing problems

Essay: Great builds facing problems
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There is also the case of keeping the company profitable and sustain its growing operations. If this industry is ripe with bribes and kickbacks and the only way to acquire contracts is through that route, then Great Builds may have a hard time maintaining its financial figures. This may prompt layoffs and stunt the growth of the company’s operations which will hurt the employees and potentially the other stakeholders as well. In this regard, utilitarianism dictates that the company has to survive first before it can embark on a route of being more socially responsible (Edel, 1993).

Thus having analyzed the problem that Great Builds faces, and discussing the diverse angles of the two steps that were suggested to address them, what seems to be eventually required is a combination of the two. The underlying ethical environment needs to be changed so that employees themselves make the ethical choice that brings maximum good to the most. This can be complemented by monitoring to ensure enforcement. However, the cost of this monitoring is reduced to the creation of an ethical environment in the company already.

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