Essay: The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Essay: The Great Pyramids of Egypt
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Great Pyramids at Gizeh are among the most famous and renowned symbolic monuments of Egypt. Even for tourists these Pyramids and the Sphinx tend to be the most famous sights for visiting. The biggest Pyramid was erected for Pharoah Cheops or Khufu, in the twenty seventh century. This pyramid comprises of over more than two million blocks and the construction of this pyramid took almost twenty years.

The Sphinx is a statue with a man’s head and a lion’s body and the main reason for building this was to reflect the Sphinx guarding the pyramids. It was from this time onwards for almost 3000 years that the concept of mummification came into existence. These Pyramids were actually built for the mummification of the famous Egyptian kings and queens (Thompson, 2008). Many rituals and ceremonies came into being due to the mummification process and also led to organ preservation in jars of spices and chemicals (Thompson, 2008). On top of these cases were carved paintings and text which would narrate the story of the person whose body was preserved in the case.

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