Essay: Green Force Tracker

Essay: Green Force Tracker
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Green Force Tracker is instant messaging software. It allows the user to communicate cheaply and securely with others in real-time regardless of the user’s location. This results in a reduction in wasted time in unnecessary correspondence via email and telephone as well as travel cost. It allows users to share documents and use of the whiteboard to collaborate on projects. It also eliminates the need of seeking inter-office contacts in order to communicate with others. Its features include Buddy list, which alerts the users when any contact in the buddy list comes online. Green Force Tracker also has a version to run on Smartphones, which is very necessary for keeping the workforce mobile. (Ritter, 2008)


Green Force Tracker is based on Lotus Notes Sametime, commercially available software (Ritter, 2008). Therefore, it is expensive. Its main disadvantage is that it can also be used for nonproductive activities such as chatting on topics not related to business. This can result in a reduction of productivity which would prove expensive. There is also a risk of transfer of files infected with virus or spyware which could compromise security.   (Farmer, 2003)


The usage of MS Office and Green Force Tracker in our organization enables the swift creation and transfer of information which is very much needed in a mobile workforce such as ours. By introducing measures such as the use of LCD screen instead of traditional screens, comprehensive training, and planned breaks, the disadvantages of MS Office can be overcome. Software administration can be used to monitor the use of Green Force Tracker to reduce its usage for nonproductive activities. The threat of virus or spyware transfer can be eliminated by the use of antivirus software and firewalls. Overcoming the disadvantages would result in short reaction time and better situational awareness, increase the overall mobility and lethality of our force.

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