Essay: Guide for a Healthy Family

Essay: Guide for a Healthy Family
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This guide for a healthy family, according to the authors, would prove helpful for discovering ‘God’s purpose for your family’, for developing a ‘family mission statement’, establishing ‘core values’, equipping your children with the teachings of Christ and mentoring them spiritually. The book aims to guide for how to follow Christ. The book is written comprehensively and simply but has profound ideas to convey to their intended audience. It includes some interesting anecdotal stories that help to sustain the interest of the readers. As the book commences the story of a family tradition is presented that is followed by a step-to-step guide for raising a spiritually healthy family.

The inclusion of statistics of the research from American Family Association and George Barn adds up to the validity of their argument that they would be presenting. They state that only 34% families in America eat one meal together each day and only 12% families pray together. The statistics chosen by the authors prove how families spend minimum time with each other and this is the root of problem in a family. They identify the causes behind the unhealthy and deteriorating families and how children of unhealthy families are thwarted from the church for which readers find it convincing and applicable in their own lives.

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