Essay: Gun Control can Create an Illegal Market for Guns

Essay: Gun Control can Create an Illegal Market for Guns
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Another premise that we discussed mentions that gun control will promote an illegal market for guns. They must realize that every time the need of an item is escalated there are restrictions on the purchase of the item and this will lead to illegal sale and purchase. Trafficking of drugs and ammunitions is a common issue and since the laws and policies in United States differ across states, it is possible that guns brought in the states with lesser gun control can be traded in other cities with stricter gun control laws[i]. Therefore it is necessary that the existing laws and policies are actually looked into and imposed to ensure that they are followed in their entirety.

By restraining access to arms, the government takes away the protected and constitutional rights of the citizens to live safely. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment guarantees the individuals’ right to carry guns and by taking this constitutional right away from them would equal to taking away their right to live. Citizen’s safety is the most important thing that the Constitution should consider.

The right to carry guns is not actually stated as an individual right in the Second Amendment but is rather applicable only to the armed forces. When this Amendment was produced, it was to make sure the resident armed forces the right to accept arms in order to defend and serve their society as a complete entity. The armed force was seen as a public responsibility, and would measure up to today’s National Guard[ii].

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