Essay: Gun Control Laws can Affect Americans Adversely

Essay: Gun Control Laws can Affect Americans Adversely
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Ethnically, many Americans decide to overlook facts that entail that stricter gun control laws would affect America adversely. Hypothetically, America could take on a gun ban like Japan’s. But that ban would be totally unfamiliar to our culture, which for more than three hundred years has had the most free, most unrestrained gun culture. Japan’s gun laws are part of a totalitarian attitude of administration that is basically at chances with America’s customs of freedom. Such laws should be taken away from our country[i].

When taking this accepted vision in mind, it would come into view that it may not really matter if America accepts or not that stricter laws will be effective in reducing gun violence. Americans are obstinate, and unluckily we will never give up altering the second amendment for the gun violence to reduce[ii].

Japan in many ways is similar to United States as far as the population is concerned, proves that stricter gun-control laws will have very small effect on reducing crimes related to gun violence. Japan has a law for possession of guns which states that only hunters, armed forces and law enforcement agencies are allowed to hold guns. However, the main premise of gun control being effective in Japan because it has to do with people management. Americans, used to their own customs of liberty, would not follow Japan system of controlling guns and people at the same time.

[i] Lester, D. “Gun Control, Gun Ownership, and Suicide Prevention.” Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior 18 (1988 ): 176–80.

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