Essay: Can guns be considered as being a hazard to public

Essay: Can guns be considered as being a hazard to public
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Suicide rates

Suicides are not slave to guns. Controlling the possession of guns will not limit America’s suicidal rate. Even though some suicides are just completely impetuous they would still be on the American front as there are other ways of committing suicides such as jumping of the roof, hanging down the ceiling or overdose of drugs.

Children and Guns

Children seem enthralled with guns. They play with G.I. Joe, which proclaims the use of heavy machine guns. This fascination leads them to getting hold of a gun if the parents hold one. For them it is toy out of a cartoon character and thus they cannot understand the disturbing consequences of these guns. Gun accidents are common among children nowadays due to increased violence on television and games. However, gun control laws cannot stop these disasters from being carried out; instead, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep their guns in a safe area and to educate children over the firearm safety[i].

[i] Kahane, L. H. “The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws: A Comment on the Work by Kwon, Scott, Safranski, and Bae and Their Debate with Kovandzic.” American Journal of Economics and Sociology 58 (1999 ): 523–28.

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