Essay: H1N1 virus and pregnant women

Essay: H1N1 virus and pregnant women
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As written by Tom Watkins (2009) in the article, the study propose that pregnant women being contaminated with swine flu, the H1N1 virus, use antiviral drugs to save themselves as well as their unborn babies from the harmful effects.

Dr. Denise J. Jamieson who is the leading creator of this study and an officer at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has believed that the patients that feel sick during pregnancy are required to seek assistance from their health care providers and their health care providers should prescribe the antiviral drugs very promptly. The doctor also advised to prescribe the drugs irrespective to the concerns regarding the potential consequences on the fetuses since some practitioners are hesitant and refrain from taking the risk of providing drugs on their own behalf. An obstetrician cum gynecologist stated that pregnant women are more severely attacked and infected by influenza in this situation and the risks do hereby are overshadowed by the benefits. Dr. Jamieson reported that all pregnant women were healthy before they got infected. Due to the infection they initiated to develop viral pneumonia which further led them to sensitive respiratory pains which was quite agonizing and required ventilators to assist them in breathing. The doctor also agreed that the number of deaths was however little yet significant enough to raise concern since it consisted of around 6 percent of pregnant women off the total 266 affected death caused by H1N1 as reported by the CDC up till now.

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