Essay: Hall’s experiences in Downpour Resurfacing

Essay: Hall’s experiences in Downpour Resurfacing
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On analyzing Hall’s experiences, I reckon that repetition compulsion helps an individual to overcome the past fears by confronting them rather than holding them in. It exposes the individual to reality and accomplishes the healing process. Parents and babysitters are the closest people to a child.

The parent or sitter is, in the eyes of the child, the provider. If this person becomes abusive, the child can develop affection towards him or her in an attempt to be secure. The child hopes to win the abuser’s favor through love. Hall’s mother physically abused him. Hall first became withdrawn from her though he later cultivated a close relationship. However, he still withheld from her (Nkara, 5). His relationship with his sitter was also abusive. Though Hall found some false security in it, he knew that it was wrong and so felt guilty about it. He kept it a secret from his father (Nkara, 6). These relationships resulted in Hall feeling like a social misfit, making him lead an alienated life.

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