Essay: Harry Potter Humanity

Essay: Harry Potter Humanity
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Use of gadgets is essential to Harry Potter’s humanity and let somebody use much of its appeal and wit. It is evident that use of gadgets came prominently in the very start of the series when we see Professor Dumbledore, who was thought to be the greatest performing magician of his times, using a ‘put-outer’, a device which was identical to a silver cigarette lighter and was used to turn off all the street lights on the Muggle street in London (Rowling, Sorcerer’s Stone, 12). In different books of the series, we keep encountering these enchanting gadgets and devices.

Some of these include, [Chocolate Frogs these are candy, too] (Rowling, Chamber of Secrets, 50–51, 77), special-effects candy (Rowling, Philosopher’s Stone, 197), non-explosive shining balloons and  a Grow-Your-Own-Warts kit (Rowling, Chamber of Secrets 150), changing colored ink, Dr. Filibuster’s Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks (Rowling, Goblet of Fire, 48) and Omnioculars, which are a kind of binoculars that help one play and move slowly whatever he is watching through them (Rowling, [Prisoner of Azkaban, 86).

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