Essay: Harry Potter and the Magic at Hogwarts

Essay: Harry Potter and the Magic at Hogwarts
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J.K Rowling is the second richest woman in Britain, owing it all to the transformational force of the Harry Potter series which has turned the publishing industry upside down in the last few years. With the sales figures being extraordinary, the series has almost started a war between America and Britain. Not only this, the New York Times had a children’s section added to their bestseller’s list because of the growing demand for the Harry Potter Series. The Harry Potter Series has been a dominant factor in the world of children’s literature. It was the 16th of November 2001, when the first movie version of the book was released in the United States of America. Alarmingly, because it was never seen earlier at the box office, the movie grossed over $90.3 million over just the first weekend and broke all previous box office records.  (Zipes, 2001).

What is it about this series that the world is going crazy over? Simply, it is the way these books have revived children’s interest in fantasy and fiction and also, at the same time, they represent a charming new generation of wonders and magic. Like great superheroes, Harry Potter is a double  personality who is defined according to his sharp difference between his overt and secret identities. Before being accepted into Hogwarts Academy, and in between its terms, he is the despised and abused ward of the revolting Dursley family, but at school he is an apprentice wizard, marked (literally) [well said] for greatness. As a baby, Harry withstood a magical attack by Lord Voldemort; with whom he is now engaged in a desperate race against time as to who will be the better successor of the Hogwarts school and this was also a race between evil and good. The measure of Rowling’s achievement is that encompassing this kind of elegant fantasy—which is wonderfully appealing to children, especially those who feel deprived even of the limited kinds of power that children can exert over their peers—Harry is not merely unequaled but unsurpassable.

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