Essay: Harry Potter’s Enchanment

Essay: Harry Potter’s Enchanment
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The enchantment that is dependent on the supernatural controls of any person or on perspicacity of a hidden authority behind the phenomenon, or on right severance of oneself from culture is discarded in respect to the magic that can be achieved through sensible and practical teaching. Gadgets and equipment that are discussed repeatedly are another way of helping us learn about the technological features of Harry Potter’s enchantment and of the disillusioned view of the world which lies beneath it.

Rowling keeps discussing different resourceful magical developments in the Harry Potter series. These are often talked about casually in the plot which helps move the stories interestingly yet put across the ambiance of the supernatural world and the world of magic. Thus they prove to be very helpful in presenting how disillusioned that the world is. A major instance might be the Self-Shuffling Playing Cards which Harry stumbles over in the hallway at Ron’s house (Rowling, Goblet of Fire, 35). This self-shuffling feature is similar to Solitaire on our computers (Doniger, 2000).

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