Essay: Why I hate Britney By Nisey Williams

Essay: Why I hate Britney By Nisey Williams
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In her essay “Why I hate Britney?” Nisey Williams reminisces upon the numerous facets of Britney that form the basis of her abhorrence and hatred in today’s mothers. Williams mentions that she is afraid of having young children because of the focus of media on sex in today’s pop culture.

The essay also intertwines the other end of the spectrum by asserting “in all fairness, Britney’s not the only one.” which is another benchmark of a large writer. Nisey Williams accepts as factual that Britney Spears is to accuse of her worry of motherhood. She states that Spears’ sexy likeness makes self-conscious pre-teens believe they need to parade around in skimpy apparel to emerge appealing to boys. Because of Spears’ activities, young women desire to be liked like her endeavoring to wear more grown-up clothes. Williams feels that humanity desires more reputable feminine icons.

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