Essay: Hateful and Mean Spirited Acts

Essay: Hateful and Mean Spirited Acts
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The hateful and mean-spirited acts tend to occur in almost every community in this world. These acts pose a great challenge to the community as it prevent people from working together to achieve a common goal thus dragging back the economic development of a region. In this contemporary world almost everyone at one time or another has been prompted with the issue of dealing with someone who is hateful and mean-spirited.

These people sometimes come and vanish in our life very quickly but other times they tend to be a nuisance for a long period of time, (Brooklyn, 2008). Society is therefore faced with challenges of combating hateful and mean-spiritedness behaviors and the best way forward is to have a community that is committing itself loudly and publicly in denouncing this acts. It is important for each member of the community to participate actively towards bringing to an end these indignities that cause instability within the community.

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