Essay: Healing and Deliverance

Essay: Healing and Deliverance
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The position of some exponents of ‘healing and deliverance’, who believe some sin or generational curse lurks behind every misfortune, may be problematic. Those who advocate such an uncompromising link between misfortune and mystical agents are in danger of inadvertently discouraging individual and corporate responsibility, contrary to the biblical ideal. In spite of some deficiencies in its theological understanding, the centrality of ‘healing and deliverance’ in the message of salvation and its import for Christianity cannot be overemphasized.

Its popularity provides further evidence of the practical differences that exist between indigenous Pentecostal thought and the inability of traditional western mission Christianity to respond adequately to the theological questions raised by Christians. It is my view that by articulating a response to the correlation between problems in people’s backgrounds and their present circumstances, Pentecostalism restores to Christian mission a dimension that is very central to the ministry of Jesus, the Lord of mission. The most important point, as noted earlier, is the Pentecostal/Charismatic bottom-line position informing the ‘healing and deliverance’ worldview.

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