Essay: Healing and Deliverance Rituals

Essay: Healing and Deliverance Rituals
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Personal observations at various ‘healing and deliverance’ sessions indicate that any negative habits, events, phobias, negative emotions including excessive anger and so on that disrupts the harmonious flow of a person’s life, may be explained in terms of generational or ancestral curses. The sources of such problems are many and varied but the bottom line is that no matter how they occurred whether through personal sin, inherited guilt or curses, their mystical effects could be handled through appropriate ‘healing and deliverance’ rituals.

Christian mission has to do with knowing the purposes of the creator God in the world and allowing him to co-opt you into his endeavors. But what are God’s purposes in the world? Going by Jesus’ manifesto in Luke 4:18-19, what the creator God is doing in the world includes preaching good news to the poor, proclaiming freedom for the prisoners, restoration of sight for the blind, and the release of the oppressed. According to Brown:

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