Essay: Health Issues Related to Video Games

Essay: Health Issues Related to Video Games
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Since children playing video game spend hours and hours in the activity, it results in severely affecting their health. Since all gaming platform requires them to be hooked up to some display such as TV or computer monitor, the most common effect of playing computer games is on the eyesight. Too much time spent staring at the screen results in severe straining of eye muscles. As a result, they are affected permanently, causing the eye to lose focus and thus weakening of the eyesight.

Spending long hours playing computer games has also resulted in headaches as well as blackouts in some cases. Children who spend a lot of their time on computer game also tend to lose their habits. In many cases, children get so much involved in the video games that it has resulted in skipping their meals or loss of sense of what how much there are eating. In these cases, there was a threat to the health of these children as skipping meals would result in a reduction of weight and other physical attributes while eating too much would lead to obesity. Another thing which can be attributed to poor health conditions due to video games is the lack of physical activities.

Children spent most of their time with their consoles do not consider engaging themselves in physical activities as a preference. The lack of physical activity also has a significant effect on the bodies of the children who are going through the stage of developing their physical characteristics (Gunter, 1998). However, the negative effects of video games on health are not restricted to these. Sitting for hours before game controllers increase the chances of muscular diseases and carpel tunnel syndrome. It also increases the disorders related to skeleton resulting from spending a lot of time in the same posture. Other more severe effects of video games include a rapid increase and decrease of a heartbeat as well as high blood pressure, which increases the chances of heart attack in children (Kartha, 2009).

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