Essay: Health maintenance

Essay: Health maintenance
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Health maintenance is a good way to retain a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. It brings physical well being as well as a mental feeling of fulfillment. It is, however, an active process and requires considerable effort and sustainability on the part of an individual. If the focus goes out in holidays, for example, one may find things slipping away from one’s grasp. That is why it is crucial to apply health maintenance techniques in holidays such as in a Spring break.

One of the methods is swimming. It has been known to be a refreshing exercise that not only helps burn calories and provide exercise to the muscles; it also provides a very refreshing feeling. This is especially helpful in warm countries where the glaze of the summer sun can be avoided and some nice aerobic activity attained while not dropping loads of sticky sweat. Freestyle and particularly the butterfly styles are good for this as they require more exertion and hence more benefit to the body.

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