Essay: Health Sociology Essay

Essay: Health Sociology Essay
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Exposure to noise from recreational items has been a source of great concern for health experts for years now. Sources which can induce hearing loss can include anything from toys to vehicles to personal music players. There have been several studies which have documented these effects and shown how these dangers not only exist in the external environment, they can also be a part of an individual’s work space. This paper will address the difficulties face by hearing health officials, community organizations and governments in nurturing and executing programs which are targeted at young adults faced with the danger of noise induced hearing loss.

What is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

Noise induced hearing loss or NIHL is a clinical term used to describe a constant loss of hearing which can occur following exposure to high noise levels. If the level of exposure is limited, the changes are reversible. Constantly experiencing such intense sounds at continuous or repeated intervals however, can cause irreversible damage to the cochlea and its surrounding structures leading to a form of hearing loss which is irreversible. This loss of hearing is known as a permanent threshold shift (Reid, 2005).

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