Essay: Hearing Conservation Programs

Essay: Hearing Conservation Programs
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Current programs created to evaluate and protect the rights of individuals in the workplace to perform in an environment not susceptible to a high level of sound pressure are known as Hearing conservation programs. These programs not only take readings of a work environment, taking into account the devices employed in order to maintain safe and sustained audio levels.

It also makes an audiometric analysis of the individuals within the work place in order to ascertain whether any impulsive sounds may not be accredited during the previous discovery phase.  The identification and detection of any sound anomalies within the environment or an individual necessitates treatment on the part of the organization. Such identification can only be effectively done through a partnership established between employer and employee (WorkCover on Disk – Codes of Practice, 1997). The Acoustical Society of America suggests that such interventions be carried out yearly, with no more than two years passing by without an audiometric analysis (Reid, 2005).

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