Essay: Hereditary Factors

Essay: Hereditary Factors
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Familial Alzheimer’s disease is an uncommon form of Alzheimer’s disease, distressing a very small percentage of patients with Alzheimer’s (Lawlor, 1996). This is hereditary and starts very early at the age of 65 approximately. This form of the disease is a result of gene mutations on three chromosomes. Although just one of this might have been inherited from the parent, the bearer is always likely to have Alzheimer’s disease.


Our study entails the symptoms which are likely to occur in the majority of Alzheimer’s disease cases as a result of late-onset (Lawlor, 1996). This covers ages 65 and onwards and a patient with this form of Alzheimer’s has no known reason and has no inheritance prototype. Even though an explicit gene has not been recognized as the grounds for the late- onset type, hereditary factors do come into view to participate a role in its growth.

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