Essay: Heroism in Movies

Essay: Heroism in Movies
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The public desire for heroes in the present day is a keystone for understanding alienation in society. Not because we are to learn about modern-day political heroes or glorified humanitarians – rather due to delving into the actuality of what brings about a hero, a cause, an aptly described moral to the eye of the world we live in.An author who attempts at such an ambition is inevitably aiming for a reality seen beyond these eyes.

When he or she portrays a hero in all earnest, he/she is reducing the glory and enhancing the reality of what is to be faced if one is to truly understand heroism, bravery and courage. A similar homage paid to Thomas Beckett, the Archbishop of Canterbury, by T.S. Eliot is described in the play Murder in the Cathedral. Standing off in its own right the play proclaims clearly that “Human kind cannot bear very much reality” (Eliot, p. 69). It is then undertaken by the author to produce this reality to the reader as he journeys into the realms of challenging the society and most impressively, a ruler.

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