Essay: Heterosexuality and Application of Logic

Essay: Heterosexuality and Application of Logic
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Though it is often believed that discussions always lead to solutions, however, there are some topics on which discussion leads nowhere. These topics not only create controversies and are often treated as sensitive; hence, any discussion is highly moderated and no fully open. Homosexuality is one of such controversial topics, which whenever is brought to discussion, always lead to no change in its status. Though arguments on both sides seem to be strong, a further investigation of the topic and application of logic often tilts the balance against homosexuality. In the following lines, logic is applied to some of the arguments that are made in favor of homosexuality in an attempt to show that homosexuality does not suffice logic.

Argument of the Supporters of Homosexuality and Application of Logic

In order to evaluate the homosexual behavior the consideration of whether homosexuality is the right thing to do or not should be made. It is fact that those who follow and support homosexuality get angry at the idea that homosexuality is a choice. The premise of their arguments is that homosexuality is a matter of natural selection of them and those homosexuals are born with this trait (Minor). However, this premise is made invalid by the theory of natural selection, which dictates that favorable behavior or traits for an organism propagate from generation to the next, hence making it easy for an specie to survive as well as evolve. Homosexuality, not only doesn’t play any part in specie’s evolutionary process, but if it was a dominant trait in human race, could lead to extinction. Since, homosexuality does not fulfills any of the postulates of the theory of natural selection therefore it would not be right to conclude that homosexuality is a desirable trait and hence cannot be proved that homosexuality is a something which comes naturally to humans (All About Science Website).

Furthermore, a sound evidence of the fact that homosexuality comes from the consideration of that human body. The human bodies of males and female are designed to be compatible with each other. Together, they are not only responsible for producing a new generation, but also in evolution of the human race. In order words, all humans are born with a reproductive system that is heterosexual. Therefore, the attraction between the opposite sexes can be called natural because it happens due to chemical and other processes that are deeply rooted in our heterosexual design which is naturally built. However when considering homosexuality, it can easily be observed that the human body does not have any supportive processes or organs for it, hence it also proves the fallacy in the argument that the trait of homosexuality can occur naturally in a human body (Katz).

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