Essay: Hispanic Americans – Illegal Immigration

Essay: Hispanic Americans – Illegal Immigration
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Traditionally the Democratic Party has always gained the favor of the Hispanic community. Records as far back as the 1960s show an overwhelming support for the party from the Hispanic community. Recent polls seem to support this by showing the gap between the Hispanic republicans and Hispanic democrats grew further during the Obama/McCain race than during the Bush/Kerry race. 57% of Hispanics registered identified themselves as democrats while 27% identified themselves as republicans. It should be noted however that the Hispanic Democrats also outnumbered the Hispanic republicans during the Bush/Kerry election by at least 15%. Thus a historical loyalty to the Democratic Party is still sustained even today.

At 15% the Hispanic-American population of the United States makes up the fastest growing minority in the United States. In 2008 the Latino community cited the economy and employment as their main concerns during the upcoming elections, but cited that immigration was “never far from their minds”.

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