Essay: History of Coca Cola Company

Essay: History of Coca Cola Company
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The Coca-Cola Company has been in place since the 1800s. It has been one of the most dynamic and growing companies of the modern business world with a brand name that is highly valued and recognized in most parts of the globe.

The Coca-Cola Company sported a product that spread rapidly and was accepted in almost every market, with people from all walks of life being able to accept it. This was then followed by the addition of other products to its portfolio apart from the signature cola. This included Fanta, Sprite and other beverages including variants of the existing products. The company has been recognized as employing various marketing techniques to sell its products in an increasingly competitive carbonated soft drinks market. The global spread and significance of the Coca-Cola Company and its string of products became apparent when it established bottling plants in some of the most embattled of African states, showing that it is a globally recognized and demanded brand that can operate in the toughest of environments (Heritage Timeline 2009).

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