Essay: History of Haitian Immigrants

Essay: History of Haitian Immigrants
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A brief look on the history of Haitian immigrants reveals that conditions were never favorable for them in the past. As the Haitians immigrants began to arrive in South Florida fifty years ago but were deprived of the equal rights in comparison to the other immigrants that comprised mainly of European immigrants. Under Bush administration, and later under Obama administration, the Haitians were denied their rights which international law provides them as refugees.

Prior to the earthquake the Haitian immigrants have been complaining against the incessant suspension of TPS to the immigrants while the Homeland Security Department was of the view that only those immigrants could deserve and relish the auspicious TPS who were staying in the country owing to the ongoing strife in their motherlands. The situation of Haiti was very much like that described by the Homeland Security Department as it has been undergoing ferocious conflicts and spells of political precariousness but Haiti was not included in the list of the countries whose immigrants could have TPS. The peril inherent in the TPS meant that it might result in the herds of immigrants. Even after the earthquake the TPS was granted to the Haitians in the U.S. thus excluding those coming as illegitimate immigrants afterwards. The opponents of TPS to the Haitians held the fear that it would fascinate the refugees and would aggravate the complexity of immigration policies consequently. Those, on the other hand, who support the Haitian immigrants, argue that allowing illegitimate foreigners to work in the U.S. would stem the flow of migrants. With the very commence of his years of presidency, Obama showed no sign of sympathy for the poor Black community of Haiti as he denounced to review immigration policy on Haiti. The same Black president had campaigned for Haitian vote in 2008 but he betrayed the distressed people. But the earthquake served to change the picture as Haitian community demand equal treatment from the government like other immigrant groups.

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