Essay: History of AI

Essay: History of AI
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Though the evidence of the concept of Artificial Intelligence can be traced to as far back as ancient Egypt, but after the invention of computer in 1941, the technology was finally able to put this concept into reality.  Since its birth in 1956, at Dartmouth conference, Artificial intelligence has seen quite an expansion due to the theories and principles developed by a number of dedicated AI researchers.  Though the advances in this field have been slower than when they were estimated at the start of its life, the area of AI research has seen continuous progress. And there have been several concept demonstrations which have even impacted other technological advancement.

In 1941, the invention of computer started a tremendous revolution to almost every aspect of storage and information processing.  Though the first computers required big, solitary air-conditioned spaces with little or no support for programming were a nightmare to run. However, in 1949, with the introduction of the concept of programming in computers, several advancements were made in the field of computer theory which eventually leading to computers being studied as a science and Artificial Intelligence.

Even before the AI was recognized as field of study, the link between human machines and intelligence was already under observation. Norber Weiner was one of first Americans to put forward a significant work in this regard, with his observations on the principle of feedback theory.  In 1955, Newell and Simon brought to the scene what is considered to be the first AI program, The Logic Theorist.  In this program, each problem was represented as a tree and the program attempted to approach a solution for it by selection the tree branch whose success likelihood was the greatest. This program was a great step forward in term of further development in the field of AI and the impact it made on public about the impact of AI.

However, it was not until 1956 that the significance of Artificial Intelligence was felt and recognized. In the summer on 1956, John McCarthy, who is considered to be the father of AI, organized a month long conference which brought together the talent and expertise of the leaders in research who was interested in the concept of machine intelligence. This conference is known in history as “The Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence”. The result of this conference was the recognition of AI as a separate field of study and it also laid the groundwork for the future of AI research.

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