Essay: History of Smithfield Food Inc

Essay: History of Smithfield Food Inc
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Smithfield Food Inc has been operating since 1936 in the pork business and has become an established name with a history of profitable ventures. It is based in Smithfield which houses the headquarters of the company but operations are spread out over many regions making it a significant player in the industry, even having a presence in nine countries around the world.

Smithfield’s employees have been believed to be a crucial part of the organization and in 2009 amounted to 51,000. Besides the pork business that involves processing meat, the business is also engaged in hog rearing which it does up to 14 million per year whereas it processes a higher amount at 27 million. These operations allow it to carry a turnover of close to $11 billion dollars on its income statement which is a result of growth via acquisitions and geographic expansion.

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