Essay: What is the history behind therapeutic riding

Essay: What is the history behind therapeutic riding
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The relationship between horse and man can be traced back to a time all the way to Ancient Egypt nearly three and a half thousand years ago. In the era of King of Cyprus, he was once said to cordially have greeted the great Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep with these traditional words: “I wish you, your family and your horses’ health.” Such a remark perfectly encapsulates the profound effect horses have had throughout our history. They have been responsible for turning the tides of war to transporting kings and queens around their kingdoms.

They have even been use as an invaluable tool in agriculture. The Industrial revolution may have antiquated the use of horses as transport today in favor of the automobile. But horses still stubbornly hold a lasting image of grace and beauty in a mechanical world. Their purpose though different now does not diminish the importance they still have in our society. This article will attempt to give an overview of therapeutic horse riding or equine assisted activity which has been one of the most beneficial programs created for individuals with a range of physical, emotional, social and cognitive ailments.

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