Essay: Homeward Bound

Essay: Homeward Bound
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I read Elaine Tyler May’s study, Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era and found out that the theme of her work is inspired by from the much talked about settlement of the families away from the city after the war. We all have read in miscellaneous Cold War accounts that these families were abnormally big and it was difficult for them to dwell. However, very few works reflected the account of abnormal increase in the rate of birth after the war which was surely a demographic abnormality.

This increase in birthrate was seen last in late 1800s after which the birthrate had started to fall. This rise in the birthrate been noted as return to customary traditions and family values which have been made probable by the wartime affluence which followed fatalities caused by the Depression. May convinces the reader at this point that these outsized middle-class families belonging to the towns were not a foreseeable come back to a former model but a new model of a family which resulted in the framework of a particular communal and political culture after the war. I perceive, May’s thesis is aiming to map out the edifice of this new image of family life as it resounded throughout the newly formed culture and became a basis of developing the foundation of societal approaches and strategy formulations in the community.

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