Essay: Hong Kong Holding (HKC) Limited

Essay: Hong Kong Holding (HKC) Limited
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Hong Kong holding limited is one of the major construction ex-major China property developers and alternative energy business player. During the last 30 years, HKC (Holdings) has become one of Asia’s most esteemed and specialized civil structural engineering, energy, infrastructure and building contractor. HKC is investing heavily in the country’s real estate markets. HKC’s key focus is to invest in office and commercial developments. HKC is currently developing a leading site on the North Bund that is expected to become one of Shanghai’s premier properties, offering a 300-meter tall grade-An office building, a 175-meter tall 5-star hotel, and a 125-meter tall boutique hotel. HKC also has handsome investments in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, and Nanxun.

HKC was firstly established as Kumagai Gumi (Hong Kong) Limited in 1973. In April 2004, Creator Holdings Limited led in a dynamic new era by becoming their main shareholder. By Re-energizing and rebranding, HKC is now diversifying into the property and alternative energy in China. As part of HKC’s restructuring, Cerberus Asia Capital Management, LLC and Penta Investment Advisers Ltd have taken main equity interests, and are now at the second and third largest stakeholders in the company, respectively.

Based in New York, the Cerberus group is a dominating private investment firm with approximately US$23.5 billion under its management. Cerberus has invested in businesses with over US$30 billion of real estate assets across Asia, Europe and North America(Hong Kong Construction, 2009).In addition to it, HKC is also pondering to develop residential properties in 2nd and 3rd tier cities where it believes that it can obtain the greatest development margins. For example, it is also developing high-quality villas and apartments in Tuanbo Lake, about a half an hour from downtown Tianjin.

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