Essay: The House on Mango Street-Story Arc

Essay: The House on Mango Street-Story Arc
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She tells the readers about the story of an aunt she never knew she had who committed suicide by jumping in to their well in China because she had an illegitimate child. The story is told to her as a warning to avoid getting herself in such circumstances. Mentioning the name of that aunt is a taboo so she decides to create a memoir in her honor.

She visualizes how her aunt managed to get a suitor who made a pregnant thus showing her rebellion to her society and compares that rebellion to her aunts. She remembers that her aunt had to give birth in a pigsty, which must have been a horrible experience and sees her ghost walking around with no one to offer it anything as per the Chinese customs. Kingston does seem not to understand whether she is seeking justice for her aunt or she is just being selfish. (Wong 45)The “white tigers” is about the story of the mythical warrior, which is told by Kingston.(Kingston 42) The woman warrior starts training at the age of seven years and leads a troop of men by pretending that she is a man to war against an evil emperor. To her she is a hero whom she aspires to emulate but it seems to be impossible. She compares her life in American to the life of this warrior and realizes that unlike this warrior she cannot stand even very minute obstacles in her life. She nevertheless realizes that her weapons are words and she has to use them in her battle.

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