Essay: How Computers Impact Society Today

Essay: How Computers Impact Society Today
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The computer is considered the most revolutionary invention of the twentieth century and it appears to be as well. The impact of computer usage can be found in everywhere. From society to business to education, it has impacted, revolutionized and increased the productivity of whatever purpose it has been used for. The phenomenal aspect of the use of computers is that it not only contributes to advances in other areas, computers are used to advance the very own technology they are based on and manufactured with. The process of this advancement has been continuous and so have been the changes it has brought. In the following paper, we will try to provide a picture of how the computer has impacted our society in various ways (Anne Rooney).

Impact of Computers on our society

The use of computers has made both direct and indirect impact on our society. Direct impact means it has affected on how people have socialized and communicated together with each other. It has indirectly made changes in our society by changing the way businesses are conducted and how information is distributed.

Positive Impact of Computers

The Way We Socialize

The computers have made a very strong impact on our social ways. As compared to the older days when visiting, calling or writing to someone was thought of as considerable task, computers have made this task of getting in touch very easy and cheap. Long gone are the days when expensive international calls were made to relatives or family, mostly on a special occasion. The use of instant messengers and VOIP technologies through computers has made it possible for people to talk to each other without the constraints of money, time and geography thus making borderless connectivity possible and giving birth to the concept of the world being a global village. Computers have also provided us with new ways to express ourselves. Through the Internet, an invention made possible through computers, we can express ourselves through words, pictures, and multimedia on websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, which helps others understand us without us speaking (Beardon, and Whitehouse).

More Accessibility to Information and Awareness in Society

Through the uses of computers, the access to information is quick, easy. Computers have made it possible for News Channels on every medium to deliver the news in a more quickly, reliable and comprehensive manner. This not only enables an individual to gain a better understanding of the situation they are interested in but it also impacts the way they respond to it. Computers have also played a major role in raising the awareness of the society on various issues, be it poverty, human rights or freedom or sexual orientation. The main proponent of this impact has been the Internet, but it only serves as a medium for efficient dissipation of information. Computers have also made it possible to create ways to deliver the information in much more effective and interesting ways i.e. through the use of multimedia. Also, websites on the internet not only provide us information and a mean to discuss issues but they also pinpoint the needs of our society as many of the human rights and welfare organization maintain their websites. Through raising the awareness on issues, computers have changed the way people think about them and have directed the society in finding ways to tackles those issues (Beardon, and Whitehouse).

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