Essay: How did Grand Canyon University come to be as it is today

Essay: How did Grand Canyon University come to be as it is today
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Bullet Point Summaries

i) GCU’s history and Christian heritage.

–      GCU was originally dreamed as a school for the glory of God in 1920s.

–      During 1940s, the dream started its journey toward materialization at a business meeting of Arizona South Baptists.

–      Pastor L.D.White, belonging to Calvary Baptist Church, was the first one to make a donation toward the cause which was now of establishing a Baptist College.

–      The donation drive was a roller coaster ride with a lot of setbacks, debts and other discouragements met on the way.

–      Dr. Wills J. Ray, who later became the first president of the college, was the key person in keeping the donation drive for the college on track.

–      GCU was initially established at Grand Canyon College and was opened to 93 students in 1949 in Prescott, Arizona.

–      Through displays of academic excellence and repute in athletics, the college was often rewarded.

–      In 1951, Grand Canyon College moved to its current location in Phoenix where it continued its efforts to become a Christian education beacon.

–      Throughout 1960s and 1970s the college also continued to excel in athletics with it receiving its accreditation from North Central Association in 1968.

–      By 1980s, the college started to diversify itself, with the inclusion of education, business, performing arts and other subjects, in its academic program.

–      The 1980s also saw a broadening in the guidance theme of Canyon College, with weekly Sermon on “Spiritual Emphasis” by Rev. Tom Wolf.  His proposition that every Christian, evangelist or layman, should take part in missionary activities gained a lot of popularity among the students and faculty and was readily adopted as one of the values of Grand Canyon University (Grand Canyon University, 2008).

ii) The current mission, vision, four pillars, and faith statement.

–      Grand Canyon University visions itself as the premier Christian university for educating people to serve and to lead.

–      Its mission is to “…prepare learners to become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communications and responsible leaders by providing an academically challenging, value-based curriculum form the context of our Christian Heritage.” (Grand Canyon University, 2009).

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