Essay: How Does DDoS Attacks Affect Today’s Business

Essay: How Does DDoS Attacks Affect Today’s Business
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In today’s world, where IT has provided significant advantages to business and individual, the need for IT Security has never been more important. With the current age being referred to as one which is dominated by the use of Information, measures are needed that could ensure safety and security, as well as availability of information, are critical. This is also because of the reason that as the Internet has become a growing source for conducting information and commercial activities, it has also become an increasing target of groups or individuals who carry out malicious activities in order to gain benefits for such services by using illegal means.

These activities bring in significant damages to the operator of the services (such an online shopping website) and are referred to as attacks. The Distributed Denial-of-Service is one of such attacks which are carried out to bring harm to a target service, by denying its resources to its legitimate users. The purpose of this paper is to define what Distributed Denial of Service is and how it is carried out as well as highlighting several cases from the past to show how it affects the online businesses. A detailed description of a number of other attacks and their general implications are also discussed in this paper.

Types of Attacks

There are a number of attacks which are carried out on individual or group basis. They can be broadly categorized into those conducted to breach security and those which have the purpose of disrupting businesses. The most common of the security breach attacks even today are brute force or dictionary attacks that are carried out against the system which is protected by a password. The attackers utilize the computer’s speed to try a number of combinations in an attempt to crack the password of the system. Other security breach attacks include Eavesdropping which is an attempt by the attacker to listen to and capture the data that travels on the network in an attempt to extract information from it which would be useful in carries out the breach of security itself (such as login IDs and password) (Newman, 2009). Another type of attack called Address/IP Spoofing forces a computer to take on take on the identity of another computer in order to gain access to the system. It is a complex attack which requires the attackers to change the entire routing table to the compromised computer and works by insertion of data or command into a stream of data which is passed between two computers. In a Hijacking attack, the attackers overtake the control of a session between two computers and masquerades itself as the other computer to each of them. The attacker intercepts the public key exchange and then retransmits them, substituting the original key with one of its own. Another form is hijacking is browser hijacking in which the user is taken to a different website than the one requested. Other forms of security include Replay Attack and Man-in-the-Middle Attack (Dubrawsky, 2007).

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