Essay: Human Papilloma Virus

Essay: Human Papilloma Virus
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This paper is about a sexually transmitted viral infection called the Human Papilloma Virus. The Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is part of a group of a hundred related viruses known as papilloma viruses because certain types are well known cause of papillomas or warts (National Cancer Institute, 2010). There are different types of HPVs including those which have carcinogenic properties. I chose this topic because a close friend of mine has the disease. Since I did not possess any knowledge about it, I decided to take this opportunity to educate myself about the virus. From my research I have found that the most interesting components of this topic can be divided into symptoms, transmission, treatments and prevention.


There are several variations of HPV and most of these variations can be differentiated from its symptoms. Types of HPVs are differentiated by the different areas where they may occur. These areas can be on the hands and feet or the throat or the genital area. Of the hundreds of types which have been identified, a number in excess of 30 are contracted through sexual means and can be spread through the genitals, mouth or anus. Even though a person may have the infection it is possible he may remain symptomless until the viral infection resolves spontaneously in a few years. However, complications can still occur despite remaining symptomless (National Cancer Institute, 2010).

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