Essay: Human Resource Management at the Coca-Cola Company

Essay: Human Resource Management at the Coca-Cola Company
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In one of the most latest IHRM forms, Taylor and colleagues (Taylor et al., 1996) have recognized three distinct IHRM orientations in MNCs: adaptive, exportive and integrative. These orientations work out the company’s general HR approach to organizing the stress between integration or the force for interior consistency and differentiation or the force for external consistency. An adaptive IHRM orientation is one in which each affiliate evolves its own HRM scheme, mirroring the localized environment.

The second, an exportive IHRM orientation is one in which the parent firm’s HRM scheme is being moved to its distinct affiliates. This approach emphasizes integration over all affiliates, evolving a highly interior reliable MNC (Taylor et al., 1996). The third, an integrative IHRM orientation endeavors to take ‘the best’ HRM advances and values them all through the association in the creation of a worldwide system. The aim here is on considerable international integration with an allowance for some localized differentiation. The three orientations of an adaptive, exportive or integrative approach comprise three rudimentary alternatives for IHR managers, mirroring a general approach in the direction of IHRM.

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