Essay: Human Rights Violations in China

Essay: Human Rights Violations in China
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In dealing with the alleged problem of human rights violations within China, the United States could consider a number of policy options. To begin with, it could take an openly hostile position against the violations in China and take direct action against China to force it to change its policies.

This could be in the form of economic sanctions against China as were once threatened to be orchestrated with regards to breakage of intellectual property rights. This would further be supplemented by the open and vocal opposition to Chinese policies with regards to its citizens. This will have certain benefits. First off, the Chinese authorities will get the strongest message to act through this measure and when faced with such economic and international pressure, there is a great probability it could capitulate to the demands and amend its internal policies. This would further lead to the US policy with regards to human rights violations being spelled out clearly so that any subsequent transgressions will be deterred by this threat of break off by the world’s superpower (Huang).

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