Essay: Hypothetical Imperative

Essay: Hypothetical Imperative
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A hypothesis triggers an experiment. Following the assumptions made under the hypothesis, the author can then carry on the procedure, either through exploratory, descriptive or causal techniques, of proving those assumptions as right or wrong. Hypothesis is clearly defined in a hypothetical imperative, that is, making use of the words ‘may’ or ‘might’. These indicate that the two variables mentioned could possess a certain relationship; however the validity of their relationship has not been appraised.

The three kinds of hypotheses determine the nature of relationship between two variables. When the author encounters no relationship between the variables, it is considered as null hypothesis. If the author is uncertain of the direction of the relationship, it is known as a non directional hypothesis. However, if the direction of the relationship, both inverse and direct, is clearly manifest, it is termed as a directional hypothesis. The composition of both variables in the relationship can also project a huge difference in the result of the experiment. If the independent variable is unable to evoke a substantial stimulus, the outcome on the dependent variable will be debatable.

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