Essay: Ian Thorpe’s Swimming

Essay: Ian Thorpe’s Swimming
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The tense final again saw Ian Thorpe being eclipsed by Van Hoogenband at the start but eventually chased him out to set a new world record and claim the race of the century. Following the 2004 games, Thorpe decided to temporarily withdraw from competition after which he retired, following one attempt at a return in 2006.  The remarkable success of Ian Thorpe has been ascribed to a variety of factors.

One was his physiology which was said to be inherently suited to swimming. Another was his work ethic and habits which allowed him to train hard and persistently. He has also been lauded for his trademark strong kick and ability to accelerate. Outside of his swimming career, Thorpe has been a jewel in the eyes of the Australian public who see him as a role model based on his personality and response to fame. This led to many Australian business giants approaching him for lucrative contracts on the basis of his amazing popularity among the public. He was widely claimed to have been one of the greatest swimmers the world had ever seen and a graceful champion as well.

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