Essay: IBM I Series

Essay: IBM I Series
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  1. IBM i5 Enterprise Edition

Today’s businesses operate in an on-demand world, which is high-pressure and fast moving. To cater with constantly changing business demands and to keep a competitive edge, businesses demand instant reaction to client’s changing needs. This means, having a flexible IT infrastructure that is able to grow and adapt to these demands.  IBM System i5 Enterprise Edition server provides a system with fully integrated hardware and software components, that businesses demand today.

It gives flexibility to businesses to move from one generation of technology to another without disruption. The i5 Enterprise Edition server does this by hiding the hardware characteristics of the system from the software. It also supports virtualization support as well as enabling multiple operating systems to run on the server. The IBM Virtualization engine provides for technologies and IT services which simplify IT resource management. Its virtualization technology includes server virtualization and virtual Ethernet which simply network infrastructure, reduce cost and complexity and increase value for IT investment. It also offers high availability by incorporating features such as RAID and mirroring. One of the characteristics of business computing environment is that it is I/O intensive rather than compute-intensive. The Enterprise edition server microprocessor design hierarchy not only enables high performance I/O but also provides architecture for high performing yet scalable system using a bus architecture which allows for mounting for I/O cards as well as microprocessors for running operating system. Using this architecture, a business can easily suit the performance of the system according to the current need but also add more processing card to meet the future growth requirements (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt, & Watson, 2006). The Enterprise Edition also leverages the widest range of IBM middleware among all i5 series server, while still being able to run traditional OLTP applications without being WebFaced by IBM WebFacing Tool. It also provide a maximum 5250 CPW for 5250 OLTP workloads and also provide supports for Capacity on Demand (IBM Corporation, 2009). It has national language support of over 50 countries, is available in 140 countries or region and supported worldwide (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt, & Watson, 2006).

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