Essay: IBM System i5 Series servers

Essay: IBM System i5 Series servers
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There is a variety of products which is available for System i5 Series servers, suited for a particular set of business requirements. These products include IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities which consists of Overlay Utility for electronic forms, Resource Management Utility for managing document resources, and Print Format Utility which allows for the building of advanced electronic output directly from System i5 database. Other products include IBM Advanced DBCS Printer Support, which is a collection of utilities that support different printers and printer functions, IBM AFP Font collection, which provides fonts to be used by IBM’s Advanced Function Presentation Products.

IBM Dictionary and Linguistic tools provide 36 dictionaries containing advanced linguistic information and a set of methods which allow applications to access the dictionaries directly, IBM Business Graphics Utility, which provides a powerful and flexible business graphics function through a menu-driven interface, IBM Infoprint Fonts, that includes all the outlines fonts of IBM Font Collection with further enhancements, IBM Facsimile support, which allows for sending and receiving of faxes, IBM Advanced Function Printing DBCS Fonts, which  provides a selection of DBCS fonts for used on 240 dots-per-inch, non-impact printers and IBM Infoprint Designer for iSeries, which  provides a graphical document composition interface to the iSeries printing and e-output system.  More products from IBM for DB2 include The Infoprint Server for iSeries which provides multiple channels of communication delivery, which include print, email, and the Web, to handles the needs of On Demand Business needs, IBM Content Manager on Demand, which  is a powerful Enterprise Report Management solution that allows for electronic capturing and archiving volumes of computer-generated information which includes customer statements, invoices, reports and emails,  IBM Content Manager for iSeries, which provides for document imaging and workflow technology which is designed to replaced traditional document and image processing and allows for greater productivity and process reliability and Print Services Facility for iSeries, that provides support for high-function AFP electronic printing and print management for IPDS printers ( Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt & Watson, 2006).

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