Essay: Idealized women of early European literature

Essay: Idealized women of early European literature
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Dante and Don Quixote have romanticized their sources of love and passion through the characters of Beatrice and Dulcinea in their works respectively. Dante’s expression can be described as courteous passion for Beatrice. Since it’s the most unconditional and undisclosed form of high regard. Dante unveils Beatrice as a source of motivation for poetry and literature.

The beauty and the courtesy of Beatrice drove Dante to believe her as a host of noble and virtuous characteristics. The love between them was believed as sacred, secret and pious. She is demonstrated as the destroyer of all evil and the sovereign of escape. However the causes of this uttermost likeness remain ambiguous partially. (Chou)

The role of women in a man-leaded culture identified by Don Quixote is quite considerable, however, Individuality of women themselves is not highlighted at all, mentioning women as little as sources of fantasy and tempt for men.

Dulcinea Del Toboso, the decorated essential female personality mentioned in the novel, is seemed to be described most lethargically. The love of the author is earlier mentioned as a peasant girl who is unparalleled by anyone. He illustrates in Dulcinea, a figure of the idyllic woman, associated by his books of courtliness.

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