Essay: The Ideologies of Raj

Essay: The Ideologies of Raj
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Thomas Metcalf’s interesting reading, “The Ideologies of Raj” (1997), observes the ways the British required to validate their power above India. He reveals that the ethics the British plan integrated opposing ideas of India, yet jointly they completed the power of the Raj official. Metcalf’ work is very useful for students of contemporary India and Britain. The study finds throws light on the lifetime of Indian experience on every page those he writers.

“By the 1850s and 1860s Christianity was for more Englishmen increasingly a mark from their own difference from, and superiority to their, Indian subjects” (Metcalf, 48). The newspapers of England focused to evoke the sentiments of the British public, as is evident in Savage’s essay. Many of the historians have written the stories of revolt of 1857 and the imperial rule of the Great Britain during the 19th century but these historians are to be classified into two categories. The one is mainly the Western historian who looks at the events of 1857 as a mutiny by the sepoys of India while the other faction, that is mainly Orientalists, regard the same events as the war of independence that shook the iron walls of the British Imperialism.

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