Essay: The Iliad and the modern combat

Essay: The Iliad and the modern combat
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The Iliad was written in the last year of the Trojan War with Achilles’ aggravation towards his commander, Agamemnon, has betrayed “what’s right” by grabbing his geras, his reward of respect — evidently a matching of the Medal of Honor. Indignant, Achilles removes strongly sensed and bodily from his previous broad communal horizon, numbing loyalties, sympathies, and firm promises to every individual except the little generally of his own unit.

Dissimilar to Homeric heroes, in Vietnam men battle mostly for their comrades, not their country; this has become accepted wisdom even amidst civilians. Staying alive in assault and the pointed mental aim that arrives with perception of hazard compel this to some degree in every war.

However, fighters occasionally misplace responsiveness to the assertions on any additions, ideals or loyalties outside a minute around of direct comrades. An us-against-them mentality takes control in which every individual, no issue how close before, is either an unconditional partner or an absolute foe, not allowed any other firm promises [see especially Nussbaum (1968, pp. 397-421)]. This simplification and shrinkage of loyalties flows exactly from the betrayal of “what’s right.”

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