Essay: Image of Coke

Essay: Image of Coke
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The company further made use of sex appeal as a way to differentiate their product. The advertisements of the 1950s featured a boy and girl drinking coke together and a relationship was implied between them. In that society, it helped make an impression that the drink increases your appeal with the opposite sex and hence should be bought (Coca-Cola Case Study 2009).

In current times, similar adverts with sports stars and sponsorship of sporting events by the company has promoted a sporty image of the products. This has been managed by sponsoring the Olympics in 1928, becoming one of the official sponsors of the Cricket World Cup in India and even sponsoring every FIFA Football World Cup since the year 1978 (Tripodi 2001). This has been appealing to the youth and that interested in a sporty image and therefore has been helpful in prompting them to consider coke as better for sports and their image compared to the substitute products in the market.

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