Essay: Imitation of Life

Essay: Imitation of Life
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When it comes to the resistance of the African American women, the role of fiction and films cannot be ignored which portrayed the role of the black women in the works of art and made them eternal so that they would be role models for the other members of the black community in future. One of the characters of fame is Delilah in the Imitation of Life. Imitation of Life was a film, based on the novel, made in the 1930s in which Louise Beavers played the role of a black widow, Delilah.

Beavers chose the ‘internal coping strategy’, as Shorter-Gooden has described, of putting her strong belief in faith and prayer and manifested a ‘positive self-image’ to demonstrate her resistance (Shorter-Gooden 409). Beavers ushered the notion of ‘black Christian stoicism’ as she teaches her daughter to be grateful to the Lord in an unprecedented way (Bogle 59). Beavers in the role of Delilah, says Bogle, shows how the character is an amalgamation of ‘tom and Aunt Jemima magnified and glorified in full-blown Hollywood fashion’ (Bogle 59).

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